Virtual Field Trips  Da Holidays

Da Holidays Virtual Field Trips
This collection of short stories, sketches and songs captures the good,  bad and hilarious of the holiday season in Hawaii. Penned by our local company this original play is a patchwork reminding us that there is no “normal” when it comes to celebrating our families and community and that in these times even “tradition” deserves a little creativity.
End the calendar year with a true celebration for you and your students with humor, songs and a local style celebration!
All Ages

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Step One: Pick your date.

Pick any date that works for you and your class!  Everyone will have 5 days to see the program from the day you pick.  Watch multiple times or replay a favortie song or part.  You will be given a direct, secure  link to watch and share with your students.

The dates for this project are through December 17.  Click on the date you would like.