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Welcome to HTY’s new Membership program.  Keep scrolling down to find out more or click here to sign up and get started!  The program is 100% FREE for Educators!

What do our members get?

Each month you’ll recieve new creative content and invitations only available to Educators.  Here are just a few things you will receive as a member.


Educational Resources

From digital resources on Social-Emotional Learning to show study guides, all HTY content supports active, creativity-based learning tied to classroom content. We offer easy-to-use packages of videos and lessons from five minutes to full residencies.

Access to Creativity

The theatre arts cultivate vital problem-solving, cooperation, and empathy skills. By accessing a digital production or bringing an artist into your classroom either virtually or in-person, an HTY experience can brighten each student’s learning experience from wherever they are learning

Virtual Field Trips

We will produce a five-show digital season.  Virtual Field Trips will begin in December and can include live or virtual interaction with the performers and creative teams.  All offerings will include educational materials to connect the experience to educational standards.

Local Stories

All of our content is created by and for families in Hawaii.  We understand how important it is to learn about our community.  Our actors and teaching artists represent the diversity of our islands and our performances and residencies speak directly to your students. 

Monthly Suggestions

Each month you will get a list of events, suggestions and invitations specific to your classroom and the age of your students.  We welcome any feedback you may have on how to make this content more useful to your classrooms.

Our Gratitude

We are a company of local professional theatre artists and educators who deeply love and want to keep serving this community.  We miss you in our theatre and cannot wait to have you return.  

A Season of New Ideas. 

In a normal year over 100,000 students and teachers across Hawaii attend an HTY performance or participate in one of our Education programs.  But this is no normal year…

Strangely, we have already reached more viewers this season than in the last ten seasons combined.  Teachers are looking for high quality digital work that represents and serves our community and we are working hard to provide just that.  

Videos Created

Virtual Shows

TV Episodes

million views

A Season of

Virtual Performance

 Like a typical HTY Theatre season these works are original, created and performed by the HTY Company and made entirely for you!  Bring the fun of a virtual performance to your classroom!

The HI Way

HTY has produced three seasons of The HI Way, a thirty minute television show created in collaboration with NMG Network and Hawaii News Now.  With 21 episodes complete and a new season in pre-production members will enjoy full access to hours of family friendly, local content and special behind the scenes footage, activities and live events connected to the show.

Use full 30 minute episode or short 3-5 minute clips and songs in your classroom!  Classroom use is FREE for educators and educational materials and activities are avaialble for many of the episodes!

Educational Resources

Check out what our exceptional team of professional Educators are bringing to the community. 


In-school residencies (virtual or in-person)

Professional Learning opportunities for Educators

Educational videos and resources to use in your classroom

Local content!


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