Youth Classes – Spring


Dates: Every Saturday, Jan 7 – Mar 11, 2023
Time: 9a – 11:30a OR 12:30p – 3p
Place: Central Union Church in Honolulu
Ages: 7-11
Cost: $300 per child (sibling discount available)

DEC 1 UPDATE: Thank you for your interest in our program. At this time the Spring 2023 program and waitlist are currently full.

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The Spring 2023 theme is…

Imagine | Mystery

Come, seek out adventure by the land or the seas,
To discover what you can about strange mysteries.
You’ll sail as a hero, a champion and more.
If you brave all the challenges, rewards are in store.

Investigate who and what, where, why, and when?
The answers are easy (with help from your friends.)
The story will be imagined by YOU.
You’ll be the author, the cast, oh, and CREW!

Join us this Spring to Imagine a Story of Mystery!

More about Primary Players

Participating in Primary Players inspires children to discover the creative fun of theatre. Through theatre games and dramatic exploration, the Primary Players develop comfort and confidence with presenting playful performances and build imaginative abilities.

When your child joins Primary Players, they become an integral piece to the creating and performance process! Attendance and promptness are important to your child’s learning experience. If you know your child can’t commit to all 10 sessions due to previous commitments, we ask that you check with us ahead of time or join us in the future for our 2023 Spring or Summer classes.

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