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Stronger Together (22 minutes)

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Thank you so much for your interest in this episode of our television program The HI Way.  As a company with a 65 year history of serving families, teachers and students in Hawaii we feel that one of our primary functions is to appropriately include young people in the most important conversations.

This episode is our collective, creative response to Asian American hate.

The majority of our company is Asian-American and many are Pacific Islander.  We understand that we represent just a small number of the great variety of voices that are stepping up to speak out in this moment. We are deeply honored to be a part of these voices and envision a world where young people from every corner of the country, and certainly Hawai’i, join these voices and advocate for a more inclusive national identity.

This episode will run on the Hawaii News Now channels beginning April 20th. The material is also available for free to any family, teacher or child who is looking to enter this conversation.  

Please read the “Our Approach” section to help you determine if the content is right for you, your organization, or family.  If you like a piece of the program please feel free to share that piece.  If you wish to journey deeper into this conversation, please check out our list of family friendly or adult  resources.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please reach out, we would love to hear from you.


I am asian  (2:13)

No H8 in the 808 (4:00)

Ceeds of Peace segment (3:50)

Our Approach


As a company of creative theatre makers and educators, we use our talents to serve children, teachers and families in Hawaii.  We are fotunate to partner with NMG Network and Hawaii News Now to create a new type of children’s television program, The HI Way.

Grounded in our geography and the many diverse cultures that make Hawaii special, the program is unlike anything currently available in children’s television. It marks the beginning of a hybrid future for HTY as both a theatre and digital media creator.

Working in television allows HTY to respond much faster to specific events or conversations happening in the wider community.  This episode is connected to themes we have already explored such as racism, respect and the history of immigration here in Hawaii.  Likewise we are interested in issues related to the environment, culture and our community’s response to Covid.


Color Conscious Not Color Blind

We are very lucky to live in one of the most diverse places on earth.  But this does not mean people don’t see race.  We know from research (both local and national) that children recognize race and difference very early developmentally.  People in Hawaii are generally quite curious about other peoples cultures and backgrounds and we like to encourage and celebrate that curiosity at HTY.

One Shared World

We reject the notion that hard topics must be a walled off as part of the “adult world”.  Children catch glimpses of the news, hear whispered conversations and eventually will inherit any problems previous generations do not solve.  It makes sense to not only protect the young, but to  responsibly prepare them for their biggest challenges.

Love and Hope

Unquestionably some people will think we have not gone far enough with this topic or that we pulled punches by not tackling the worst cases of violence or the history and fears many families and children have in this moment.  Please recognize that this work is meant to be an introduction to a conversation that we hope will be ongoing.  Beginning that conversation with love and hope, rather than fear, will encourage further explorations and curiosity at the pace a child feels comfortable exploring.

Just beginning…

This piece was made quickly to speak to a very specific moment.  Our ongoing dedication to celebrating and giving voice to the rich variety of cultures and people in Hawaii will continue across a variety of media.  Please join us!





This is a growing list of resources and partners.  Please let us know if you would like to be added to the list.

Family Friendly Resources

TheatreWorks USA

The “Think Mink” video, a panel discussion about Patsy Mink and a great variety of stories told by BIPOC are all available on the impressive streaming network built by one of our countries most respected theatres for young audiences.

Adult links

Other resources

Consortium of Asian American Theatres and Artists 

This national group made a powerful psa entitled “Stronger Together.  And Stronger Than Ever.”  Learn more about Asian American work happening nationally.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for a workshop with our partner Ceeds of Peace.


Support this work

Because this particular episode was put together so quickly we were unable to write for grant funding or aquire partners to help cover the cost of producing this episode.

Please consider making a donation to HTY or becoming a member of the theatre.  As always, any educator is welcome to sign up for a free membership in appreciation for all the support you already give! 


Curious To See More!

We would be delighted to have you watch any of our episodes from Seasons 1 or 2 and are in the process of launching a new set of episodes.  Please know that Season 1 was filmed primarily on cell phones from a lockdown situation.  We are proud of all the work we have created and are excited to share it.

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