Youth Classes Fall

Primary Players Fall 2022

Dates: Every Saturday, Sept 17 – Nov. 19, 2022
Time: 9a – 11:30a
Place: Cathedral of St. Andrews, Von Holt Room
Ages: 7 – 11
Cost: $300 per child

Take Advantage of Fall Discounts! Discounts cannot be combined.


  • Sibling Discount: $250 per child for siblings registering together
  • Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Combo Discount: $500 for both sessions for a single child

AUG 3 UPDATE: At this time the Fall 2022 program and waitlist are full. Please check back during the holidays for information on future programs. 

Important registration notes:
• Please note that in 2021 this program sold out in a single day.
• Registration is processed on a first come, first served basis.
• Payment must accompany registration to secure a place in the program.
• A confirmation email from the HTY Drama Education Department will follow as soon as the REGISTRATION FORM AND PAYMENT have been processed.

Our refund policy has been updated. If you decide to withdraw from the program after registering with payment, a refund will only be available when the vacated spot can be filled by another participant. Please make a firm commitment to joining our program.

The Fall 2022 theme is…

Imagine | Transform

Imagine you wake in a world that’s not yours.
Maybe you’ve walked through magical doors!
What day is today? What’s the time or the place?
Well, guess what? You’ll get to imagine that space.

What wonderful, fantastical world might it be?
Dream up the change you want to see!
The story will be what matters to YOU.
You can be the author, the cast plus the CREW!

Join us this Fall to Imagine a Story of Transformation!

More about Primary Players

Participating in Primary Players inspires children to discover the creative fun of theatre. Through theatre games and dramatic exploration, the Primary Players develop comfort and confidence with presenting playful performances and build imaginative abilities.

When your child joins Primary Players, they become an integral piece to the creating and performance process! Attendance and promptness are important to your child’s learning experience. If you know your child can’t commit to all 10 sessions due to previous commitments, we ask that you check with us ahead of time or join us in the future for our 2023 Spring or Summer classes.

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If you have questions about HTY’s youth drama programs, please email Tamara Smith at HTY,