Youth Classes Fall

Primary Players Fall 2023 for Keiki Ages 7-11

Divine Time with Rhyme: Poetic journeys

Some poems look pretty, some poems taste sweet,
Some poems smell icky like old sweaty feet.

Yet every single poem has some joy that is hidden:
strange characters, excitement or action forbidden!

This year we invite you to join the great fun.
Bring poems to life through your imagination!

You’ll be the one in charge of creating.
Be actor and director – your audience is waiting!

Join Primary Players this Fall in a ‘Divine Time with Rhyme’

Dates: TBD
Time: TBD
Place: TBD
Cost: TBD

Please check back in late Spring for more details about our popular Saturday Drama program. We encourage you to CLICK HERE to sign up for HTY’s newsletter to get the most up-to-date information.

We appreciate those that seek programs for children under 7 years old, however currently all of the HTY participatory programs require that children are 7 years old upon sign-up.

HTY programs are only available to 7 year olds and above, as we want to ensure that all participants in our programs have benefitted from the social and behavioral experience of at least kindergarten. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to the day your child turns 7!

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT REFUNDS FOR 2023: If you decide to withdraw from the program after registering with payment, a refund will only be available when the vacated spot can be filled by another participant. Please make a firm commitment to joining our program.

More about Primary Players

Participating in Primary Players inspires children to discover the creative fun of theatre. Through theatre games and dramatic exploration, the Primary Players develop comfort and confidence with presenting playful performances and build imaginative abilities.

When your child joins Primary Players, they become an integral piece to the creating and performance process! Attendance and promptness are important to your child’s learning experience. If you know your child can’t commit to all 10 sessions due to previous commitments, we ask that you check with us ahead of time or join us in the future for our 2023 Spring or Summer classes.

If you have questions about HTY’s youth drama programs, please email Tamara Smith