Spring 2022

Virtual field trips

Join the thousands who have enjoyed HTY’s virtual field trips!

We have a growing menu of digital programs available to you and your students.  Like a typical HTY Theatre season these works are original, created and performed by the HTY Company and made entirely for you!

Click on the image that interests you for more information.

Digital Programming Available for Younger Audiences (Grades PreK-2)


Digital Programming Available for Older Audiences (Grades 3-High School)


Pricing for Virtual Field Trips

Price Per Student  $5

Price Per Student (Title I School)  $4

Price Per Teacher (Free)

Price Per Student Live Component  TBD (please contact us) 

As always, we will work directly with you and your school to make sure every student is able to have access to enjoy these productions.  Please contact us if you have concerns, questions or there are ways that we can make it easier to enjoy these programs.

As easy as  1, 2, 3…

1)  Pick your show and date.

Once you sign up for our free educator membership, you just pick the show you are interested in, follow the prompts to pick a date (you will have five days to watch the program) and let us know how many teachers and students will watch.

2)  Enjoy the program!

We will send you a link and password for you and your students to enjoy the program in the way that works best for your classroom.  They can all watch at once, on their own or a little of both.  You will have a week of access to the video content but unlimited access to the educational materials and additional content.

3)  Billing will be done to fit your needs.

Depending on what you indicated as your preference we will invoice your school, manage a PO, accept check or online payment and endevor to keep the process smooth and easy.


Bonus!  Add a “live” component to the event

HTY actors and the creative teams who helped make these productions are available to meet with your school or class and talk about the creative process or lead students in a workshop related to the material.  This is offered at a small additional fee.  Please reach out if you are interested in exploring what that might be as we will create something specific to your needs and interests. 

General Questions

What is different about a "virtual" field trip?
Over the past year and a half the creative talents of the HTY company has been focused on creating digital media. Like our live theatre, these productions are by a local audience.  We intend to continue to make both digital and in-person work into the future.

All of our digital projects have been filmed and edited professionally so the “performances” will have high quality production values. We hope you will give them a try and enjoy a little of what HTY has to offer.

Are these shows age-specific?

Yes.  Just like our normal programming, we will make content for a variety of audiences from ages 3 and up.  

How long are the shows?

Each program is designed to run under an hour and is built to the attention span of the recommended audience.

What if there is no money for shows this year?

Please contact us.  We understand that these are extraordinary times and will try to work with you to fundraise and make the field trip happen.  We want to make good local content available to as many kids as possible going forward.  

The bright side is that digital content is available to the Neighbor Island schools and that programming can run for longer periods of time.


When will you offer live performances again?

We are currently offering live performances as well as touring directly to O‘ahu schools. We are also touring The Pa‘akai We Bring to the neighbor islands this fall.

Why are you charging for this program when other digital content is free?

We support a company of local theatre artists and educators at HTY and this is their full time employment.  The admission we charge covers only a fraction of the cost of keeping our staff employed and creating this work.  While we would love to be able to offer these programs for free, we deeply appreciate this support as an organization.

How long will this content be available?

The virtual field trips will be available throughout the school year and beyond. We are currently experimenting with different formats for distributing this content.

Technical Questions

Can the students use different devices to view the program?

Yes, at any time. We will provide a window of time where each student will have access to the content.  Instructions for use are simple and it can be enjoyed across different platforms.  We will send you clear instructions on how and where to watch. 

What about students who do not have access to techology?

Unfortunately, students would need a computer, tablet, phone or some sort of device to watch the performance.  Some teachers and schools are planning socially distanced viewings for those students who do not have devices.

Is there technical support?

Absolutely!  Contact us with questions at using the form at the end of this page or by calling Stu directly at (808) 839-9885 ext. 701.

Can I share my link with other teachers and students?

We ask that you not share the link or password outside of those you have signed up to participate.  Other teachers may sign up to preview for free but our actors and those who create this content depend on the income for their livelihood so out of respect to them we ask you not to share.  If there are students who need financial assistance please contact us.

Can we watch programming more than once?

Yes, within the window you are given.  Students are also encouraged to enjoy the program with their families.  If there are families who already have an HTY membership we will waive their fee for this program, just let us know that is the case.

Please Contact Us

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions about virtual field trips, our other programming or simply say hi.

We look forward to hearing from you.